Dr. Pramod Joshi

M.B.B.S., M.D. (Medicine), DNB (Cardio) FNIC, FSCAI (USA), AFAPVS, MNAMS

Location: Sai Hospital, Near Mukhani Chauraha, Haldwani

Fees: INR 500/-

Timing: Monday to Saturday- 11 AM to 4 PM
Emergency-Monday to Sunday 24 hours

Dr. Pramod Joshi

Dr. Pramod Joshi, an accomplished Interventional Cardiologist, is dedicated to his practice at Sai Hospital Haldwani. With a rich background of more than two decades in the field, he stands as a prominent heart specialist within the region. Throughout his extensive career, he has contributed his expertise to renowned institutions including Fortis Escorts Heart Institute, Metro Hospital in Noida, and HCL Avitas Clinic in Noida.

He specialises in a range of cardiology procedures and diagnostics, encompassing ECG, ECHO, TMT, Stress ECHO, Holter Monitoring, both Temporary and Permanent Pacemaker Implantation, Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring, as well as Angiography, Angioplasty, and various types of Balloon procedures (BMV, BAV, BPV).

Dr. Pramod Joshi completed a comprehensive two-year fellowship in Noninvasive Cardiology at the Escorts Heart Institute and Research Centre in 2006. He holds certifications in both Basic Life Support and Advanced Cardiac Life Support, awarded by the Indian Institute of Emergency Medical Service. Additionally, he has been an esteemed member of the Asia Pacific Vascular Society since 2015, contributing to his continued professional growth and expertise.


  • ECG
  • ECHO
  • TMT
  • Stress ECHO
  • Holter Monitoring
  • Pacemaker Implantation
  • Ambulatory BP Monitoring
  • Angiography
  • Angioplasty
  • Ballooning (BMV, BAV, BPV)


Shubham Kumar Prajapati
Aug 16 2018 6:33PM

I was really worried about my father’s heart condition but the doctors of Sai hospital handled the situation so well that he is now back home and without any complications. Undoubtedly SaI has the best heart specialists in Haldwani. Ayushman card accepted.

Sachin Padhalni
Aug 16 2018 6:33PM

Best Cardiologist in Haldwani. Takes good care of the patient and clears doubt and queries compassionately.

Shasank Saraswat
March 12 2018 5:30PM

Dr. Pramod Joshi is the best cardiologist in Haldwani. My mother was suffering from serious heart blockage. Dr. Joshi not only treated her well but the way he boosted her confidence is remarkable.

Jitendra Maurya
January 6 2019 4:30PM

Giving it a five star. This is one of the best heart hospital in Haldwani.

Vipin Pandey
April 6 2022 2:00PM

In my experience if you have a heart patient in your home and you live in Haldwani, visit Sai hospital without wasting time. They have the best cardiologist and cardiology department.

Kamlesh Pandey
Aug 19 2018 1:33PM

I had a pacemaker failure and was admitted to Sai hospital. Dr. Pramod Joshi is a specialist in pacemaker installation there and from my personal experience I can vouch that he is the best cardiologist available in Haldwani.

Deepak Bargali
December 16 2021 10:20PM

I had experience of many hospitals in Haldwani because of my mother’s heart problem. But all I had is lots of expenditure of money without any complete relief. Then someone suggested me Sai hospital. It is affordable, doctors are good and staff are very helpful. Best heart hospital in Haldwani.

Bhawesh Pandey
November 8 2018 8:00AM

I am very satisfied with cardiology department of Sai hospital. They take good care of patient and the doctor is available 24 hours. I was treated by Dr. Pramod Joshi and he is the best heart specialist in Haldwani. They also accept Ayushman card.

Bhupesh Upadhyay
October 19 2019 3:33PM

Dr. Pramod Joshi is the best cardiologist in Halwani for heart blockage, heart failure and other problems.

Kaushal Verma
February 12 2017 6:05PM

I am thankful to Sai hospital for the way they saved my brother. He had a heart failure and we are almost out of hope. But the doctors of the cardiology department really did a miracle and my brother returned home within a week. This is the best heart hospital in Haldwani.

Diksha Bisht
February 12 2017 6:05PM

Main thanks kehna chahati hoon SAI hospital ko jis tarah se unhone meri nani ki jaan bachai. Khas kar Dr. Joshi ko….woh jitne achhe doctor hai utna hi achha unka behavior hai. Best hospital and doctor for heart treatment in Haldwani.

Vivek Bisht
February 12 2017 6:05PM

I have tried several doctors for my sons heart problem but his condition was worsening day by day. Then on a friend’s suggestion I consulted Dr. Pramod Joshi. I was surprised that how quickly he identified the problem and started treating him. My son is recovering fast. Dr. Pramod Joshi is the best cardiologist here.

Raghvendra Dasila
February 12 2017 6:05PM

Mujhe hospital dekh k lagatha ki expensive hoga par aisa bilkul nehi hai. Staffs bohot acche hai, specially cardiology k staffs ne mujhe bohot support diya. Doctor bhi humesha availble the. Sai Hospital best hai cardiology k lie.

Varun Rai
February 12 2017 6:05PM

I admitted my father-in-law with severe chest pain on a sunday and I was afraid that may be it will be difficult to find a doctor since it was a holiday. But to my relief Dr. Pramod Joshi was there on emergency duty. Later I learned that he is available 24*7 for such emergency cases. My father-in-law is still alive because of him. I am really thankful to Dr. Pramod Joshi, he is the best heart doctor in Haldwani.

Vijay Bargali
February 12 2017 6:05PM

Dr. Pramod Joshi is the best heart specialist in Haldwani. He is available even on weekends and he treats his patients very nicely and efficiently.

Ashok Chaudhry
February 12 2017 6:05PM

My wife is currently under treatment in SAI hospital’s cardiology department. Yesterday she was saying that the doctor and nurses are taking good care of her and she is feeling good. When a patient is saying this you can understand how good the facilities are. Giving SAI hospital a five star.

Sudeep Arya
February 12 2017 6:05PM

I am from Delhi and my parents live in Haldwani. Last month my father had a heart attack and my realtives admitted him to SAI hospital under Dr. Pramod Joshi. I was skeptical about the quality of treatment and wanted to shift my father to Delhi AIIMS. But Dr. Joshi treated him really well and cleared all my doubts patiently. He is the best cardiologist in Haldwani.

Ananya Bhatt
February 12 2017 6:05PM

SAI hospital aur Dr. Pramod Joshi ko thanks mere papa ko bachane k lie. SAI hospital best hai heart treatment k lie.

Divyang Bargali
February 12 2017 6:05PM

Quality service. Hospital is clean, staffs are prompt and the doctor is best for heart treatment in Haldwani.

Lokesh Chauhan
February 12 2017 6:05PM

Main Haldwani k logo ko bolna chahta hoon aap apne heart patient relatives ko dehradun k mehengi hospitals mein maat lekar jai. SAI hospital best hai heart treatment k lie Haldwani mein.


Q 1. Who is the best heart doctor in Haldwani?

Dr. Pramod Joshi is a well-renowned cardiologist in Haldwani. During his career span of over two decades Dr. Pramod Joshi has successfully treated patients from all walks of life and is one of the best cardiologists in the region.

Q 2. Which hospital is best for heart treatment in Haldwani?

With a dedicated cardiac department, Sai Hospital is among the best heart treatment centres in Haldwani.

Q 3. Who is at a high risk of having a heart surgery?

Heart surgery can become necessary in the event of heart failure, faulty heart valves, abnormal heart rhythms, plaque buildup that blocks blood flow in a coronary artery either partially or totally and dilated or diseased major blood vessels like the aorta. Sai Hospital’s cardiac department spearheaded by Dr. Pramod Joshi, a brilliant Cardiologist with 23 years of experience in this field, is one of the best hospitals for the treatment of such ailments in Haldwani.

Q 4. Can 100% heart blockage be removed?

A 100% blocked artery is considered as a coronary chronic total occlusion, or CTO. This is a serious heart condition that can be resolved through surgery. With technological advancements in the field of medicine, this condition can easily be resolved by performing an Angioplasty. Dr. Pramod Joshi with his expertise in this field heading the Cardiac wing of Sai Hospital has successfully treated such conditions. Sai Hospital is one of the best Cardiology hospitals in Haldwani.

Q 5. Can 90% blockage be cured by medicine?

Blocked arteries in the heart can be treated with medication alone for patients with mild to moderate blockage. A 90% blockage is considered as a severe form of blockage and is typically treated with a stent or other invasive procedure as medication alone may not be able to fully open the blocked artery and prevent the risk of a heart attack or other serious complications.

Q 6. How long do stents last?

Stents are small tubes inserted into your body to reopen a narrowed artery. Once placed they are expected to last a lifetime. However, narrowing of stents may occur in some cases due to development of scar tissue in and around the stent which usually presents itself within 1-6 months of the stent placement but, in some rare cases it may occur much later in the future too. Dr. Pramod Joshi, one of the top cardiologists in Haldwani, with over two decades of experience in cardiology has successfully treated multiple patients with heart related ailments and is leading the Cardiac wing of Sai Hospital which has become one of the best Cardiology hospitals in Haldwani.

Q 7. Is there an age limit for a bypass surgery?

There is no age limit for a bypass surgery. Advancement in the field of medicine has led to the development of new surgical techniques which has made bypass surgery safe for elderly patients. Sai Hospital under the guidance of Dr. Pramod Joshi, one of the best heart specialist in Haldwani, has been successfully treating heart patients in Haldwani and neighbouring regions.

Q 8. Who is a cardiologist?

A Cardiologist is a doctor who specializes in the study and treatment of diseases of the cardiovascular system (heart and blood vessels) like heart rhythm disorders, coronary artery disease, heart attacks and other heart related disorders. A Cardiologist also helps patients develop habits that promote heart health. During his illustrious career spanning over 2 decades Dr. Pramod Joshi has successfully treated multiple heart patients. He is currently heading the Cardiology department in Sai Hospital which has gained the reputation of one of the best heart care hospitals in Haldwani.

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